Our Programs

The Waza Teacher Training Seminar (WTTS)

The program targets elementary and secondary schools teachers. Waza  Alliance is currently providing summer seminars to elementary teachers in particular. The seminars are an opportunity for teachers to access continuing education. The seminars enhance teachers’ abilities that result in improved student learning.

The Waza Initiative for School Enrollment (WISE)

The program ensures enrollment and completion of education cycles, that is the completion of elementary and secondary schools. Waza Alliance targets under-served learners who are economically challenged but motivated and intellectually able. Waza Alliance provide these children with scholarships so they can consistently attend school.

The Waza Initiative for Resources in Education (WIRE)

The program allows schools to access resources that are vital for students’ effective learning. Ultimately the program encourages teachers to develop curricular resources by providing much-needed curricular support to teachers in order to improve that quality of classroom instruction and therefore student learning.

The Waza School Management Initiative

Waza Alliance helps with the improvement of school management in public schools by providing support and resources to school administration, resulting in a better environment for student learning.