The Waza Teacher Training Seminar (WTTS)

The program targets elementary and secondary schools teachers. Waza  Alliance is currently providing summer seminars to elementary teachers in particular. The seminars are an opportunity for teachers to access continuing education. The seminars enhance teachers’ abilities that result in improved student learning.

Did you know that:

– There are not any colleges in D R Congo that formally train elementary teachers. One only needs a high school diploma to qualify as an elementary teachers.

– There are secondary school teacher training colleges that train secondary school teachers. Unfortunately, teaching is not attracting the best candidates. The best chemistry, math, and physics teachers are leaving the profession by numbers to join the most lucrative careers in mining and other technological careers.



Since 2008, Waza has organized:

– 13 Waza Teacher Training Seminars.

– Over 1500 teacher participants have attended the seminars.

– Over 70 schools have sent their teachers and administrators to the training.

– Schools from the cities of Lubumbashi, Kambove, Kolwezi and  Kinsevere have participated in the workshops.