I have heard that teaching and learning can occur when there is a qualified teacher, a motivated learner and a medium. Our experience this past summer 2014 has proven that there are institutions such as the mining company MMG/KINSEVERE, that understand the above statement. Based in the south east of the DR Congo, in the province of Katanga, the MMG/KINSEVERE mining company has moved to the next logical step, in its search for bringing quality education to the most needed population of the rural area that is under its sphere of influence.


The Muombe Primary School

School buildings by themselves do not make education occur, no matter how new or how well renovated they can be. Teachers, learners and books make education happen.

Like many in the corporate world and nonprofit organizations out there, MMG does build schools in places that do not have any. The company renovates public schools and provide logistical support to them. However, MMG/KINSEVERE is doing more than just building schools. The company has decided to enter into partnership with Waza Alliance, in order to provide quality education to the communities surrounding the mine. It has successfully helped organize a teacher training for all the teachers and administrators in the schools it subsidized, but also the schools surrounding the mining area. MMG has also given opportunity to teachers to access vision screening through the Waza Vision screening program. The company intends to provide resources to the schools in order to enhance reading, writing and numeracy skills.

The partnership between Waza Alliance and MMG/KINSEVER is set to improve the learning and teaching environment in the schools surrounding it. The pictures of the closing ceremony give a snapshot of the training. (Faustin Ntala)