Dear Friends and Supporters,
Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you will consider Waza Alliance on the Giving Tuesday!

Many months have gone by since our last newsletter. We are getting busier and busier. each year. It is an exciting moment to see so much growth, from the time of the inception of Waza Alliance for Quality Education in 2008.

I am thankful for each volunteer who has helped in the past year. Many books have been donated for the library project. We hope to send a container full of books and science kits in the near future.

My gratitude goes to Attorney Fidèle Kyomba, a member of the Waza Alliance Congo board of directors, who presented during the Waza Teacher Training session at the Kilongo Primary School, an MMG KINSEVERE built school. Teachers learned about the children’s rights in the school environment and how to prevent violations of their rights. A booklet will be published in the near future and distributed to teachers and administrators, as part of children’s right education.

I thank Dr. Kimberly Forniss, Sasha Forniss, Jake Forniss and Olivier N’Tala, who joined the team of volunteers to help with the vision screening. Thanks to the former provincial government of the former Katanga province, Waza Alliance obtained funds to provide 10,000 pairs of glasses. The glasses have been deployed to Lubumbashi. We hope to raise enough funds to ensure the cost of operations to consult over 40,000 teachers. Since the beginning of the vision screening program, over 2,000 teachersand students have been consulted at KINSEVERE, in Lubumbashi, inKipushi and Kambove.

The MMG KINSEVERE Mining company has provided funds for follow up and quality control activities in the seven schools it has built within its mining concession. MMG KINSEVERE also funded the most recent teacher training this past summer 2015. To meet these goals, MMG KINSEVERE provided over 45,000.00$.

Waza Alliance is thankful for our beautiful US office, based in Indianapolis, IN. We thank the Waza board of director for their contribution to pay for the cost of the office. As office space and storage become a challenge, Waza Alliance hopes to invest in renting office space in Lubumbashi to secure the Waza Alliance asset that is valued in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Waza Alliance is committed to provide its services to the schools in the greater Lubumbashi areas, in Kipushi, in Kambove and Kinsevere.

I thank each one of the donors for your commitment to support Waza Alliance.

Thank you.

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Faustin N’Tala

President, Waza Alliance for Quality Education



Four teacher training sessions were organized in Lubumbashi and at MMG KINSEVERE. 251 teachers were trained in 2015.



28 students (12 at secondary school and 16 at elementary) received their backpacks and school supplies and were reenrolled for 2015-2016



Over 2000 teachers and students have been screened to date. It costs 30 dollars for an eye doctor visit. A pair of reading glasses can cost up to a 100$ a pair. Waza Alliance has deployed 10,000 pairs of glasses and is planning on screening up to 40,000 teachers and students.

All teachers and administrators of the seven MMG schools have been made aware of the legal dispositions with regard to the children’s rights and the penalties for violating them.

1. Teacher Training (112,000.00$)

– To organize teacher training for 360 teachers at MMG / KINSEVERE, Lubumbashi, Kambove, and Kolwezi.
2. Vision Screening (270,000.00$)
–  To screen all teachers in the Kipushi Education district, Kambove and Lubumbashi.
3. Waza Scholars (9,000.00$)
– To raise fund for scholars and to reenrolled them for school year 2016-2017
– To increase the number of scholars.
4. Bicycles for Teachers ( $ 8,000.00)
– To provide 50 bicycles / year to teachers, particularly in the rural areas.

5. Library Project ( 300,000.00$)
– Provide over 20,000 books, math manipulative and science props to serve tens of thousands of students.
6. Office and Storage space in Lubumbashi, D R Congo (26,000.00$) 

– Fund office and storage space in Lubumbashi